WHat do we offer?

If you’re a small business like us, if you’re looking for that new job or setting up on your own, we know that a little help is always welcome.

At The Services Family, we decided to get going and provide an expanding range of services for you!

We’re dedicated to help you or your family start that business or get that job.

Simple – Straightforward – Safe

Business and events insurance

We offer business and event insurance for most all types, in plain English that anyone can understand - so that you know you are getting the best service.

Equals Mirror

Looking for a job? Our social 'mirror' is an online tool to check out your digital persona on Facebook and Twitter. We help clean up your social media feeds.

AId in Starting a Business

Is it easy to find the information to start your new business?

We found it much harder than we thought and so we've created a FREE online learning management system to better help you start your business and see it through to success.

Try a course, like 'starting a business' or 'business planning', study in your own time and at your own pace.