“The public has rarely been more cynical about big business; trust is at an all-time low. Strong and demonstrable ethical behaviour is critical to win back and retain trust among customers and investors.”

Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman of the Financial Reporting Council, FT 21 Jul 2014


Why start a 'Services Family' Financial Business?

Our business has been designed to offer easy access to insurance and financial products. It has the following advantages:

  • No “baggage” and a clean and positive reputation;
  • Captures the experience of military personnel in order to deliver excellent service and customer benefits;
  • Provides services and products to support the Armed Forces way of life and those members of the ‘Services Family’;
  • Addresses the perception of a lack of fairness and transparency in financial services;
  • Links financial services with military ethos and behaviours which engenders greater consumer confidence;
  • Exploits 21st century technologies.

The Services Family will trade as equals and will provide a financial one-stop-shop for insurance, loans and mortgages from selected providers and delivered by a team embracing military values, standards, service and sense of loyalty. We want to help our customers to better understand how they can manage their money, get good value for money and meet their financial goals.

'The Services Family'


The project was started when we realised that members of the Services Family needed help to find the right financial products, jobs and get small business support. It was clear that many people didn't understand our mobile lifestyle, or they thought us high risk. Bank accounts, mortgages, loans and insurance all became, well, a challenge. We decided to change that and design a different sort of financial business. Our objective is a transparent, customer focused, high tech digital solution with excellent products and services fit for those who serve, or have served, and their families and supporters.

Our staff will include veterans and reservists of all ranks, members of the Armed Forces families and financial professionals who share our belief that integrity, discipline, loyalty and service belong at the heart of responsible banking.

'We will do the right things and we will do them right'