Week 6 Boost #PowerUpLondon - Tame your Chimp

This week, we were lucky to get some wise words from the Dell team on the use of mobile apps in both marketing, customer behaviours and sales. For start-up businesses web-based solutions are relatively straight forward but mobile less so. 

However, The Great British Business Show at Excel in London provided opportunities to get help – see below.


Mindset - How to 'Tame your Chimp'

This week’s Boost session was on Mindset – a short overview of personalities and challenges and a review of the Chimp. 

 What Chimp? Well we discussed personality types and experiences and the things that stress us:

Stress: That condition where you just want to wring somethings neck or deconstruct an inanimate object for not doing what it said on the tin! 

So How do you go about managing that stress:

'The Chimp Paradox'

The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness by Prof Steve Peters 


What? This is the idea that everyone has an attribute(s) in their persona that they need to control to deliver their best and meet challenges without undue stress or negative outcomes.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea and there are many more approaches out there – the important thing is to know your own strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly -  emotional intelligence!


Next Generation Banking - The Rise of the Machine?

Highlight of the week were the KeyNote speakers from the Finextra Next Generation Banking Conference.

In Michael Leadbetter’s, CEO, ExO Works, provided a vision for 2030 its about exponential change. The 4th Industrial Revolution is here; it is defined as a revolution where and digital, physical and biological boundaries are being blurred. In today's, yes today, disruption is just as likely to come from outside your industry as within and will be fuelled by exponentially developing technologies such as AI empowering new business models and new market entrants; David will be taking on the goliaths - big time.

Strap Line - 'If your not disrupting your business, someone else is'

Gayle Sheppard, Vice President and General Manager, Saffron AI Group, Intel Corporation described how AI has been employed in financial services for some time but in a rules-based or automated approach. With the 3rd wave, however, AI is becoming contextually adaptive and enables true human-machine interaction. 

Strap line - 'At Intel® Saffron™ we believe software and computers should adapt to humans, not the other way around'

finlogosmallgif and Opentext™ have produced a good whitepaper on AI in Financial Services: Next Steps To Realising The Potential


Back to SME support!

Fortunately, at a meeting at The Great British Business Show we found loads of useful support and they had a complimentary offer to support SMEs – see Advantage  

There were a number of exhibitors offering low-cost app and web development at an affordable rate. Although we have no knowledge of Upsoft aside the website and a quick chat it is a useful example, check out http://www.upsoft.co.uk but be sure to hunt around for what is right for your start-up.



Thanks NatWest ;-), it is fantastic to be surrounded by so many talented people starting their own businesses.

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