Week 4 - What a week! Completely humbled by a 14-year-old!

Tanmay Bakshi spoke without notes for 45 minutes on AI, the what, why and future developments including a live demo of the Dr Watson analytics on tweets during his talk!! This all took place at :


Who is Tanmay Bakshi? He’s without doubt the most eloquent, intelligent and insightful programmer I’ve heard at a conference for some time! If you’re into tech, follow him and go see him if you get the chance. 

To demonstrate IBM's Watson, he orchestrated one side of the room to be upbeat, then the other downbeat and we could see the sentiment ‘meter’ change on the screen from a live feed.


What was spooky, was that it might then suggest tweets to improve the overall sentiment as a small step ahead – think of the allegations of Russian Chat-Bots and influence in social media. Here it was, massaging in real-time!


Key messages

Computers are really good at maths but that’s it!

AI = IA or, Artificial intelligence should read intelligence augmented.


Check out this video to know more!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxTXZYROnd8

NatWest Boost, the London Start-up accelerator.

So, back to earth, Boost is rapidly becoming a hive of support, ‘ideation’ and product ‘testing’ everything from Ollies Olives to Spare Fruit


Big, enthusiastic, cool - the Clerkenwell Brothers covered branding and brand awareness in a fun and professional way. Guys with many talents – not least giving a presentation with lots of provocative questions like why you need branding - ‘who the ‘flip’ are you and why should somebody care?’




Their first point - Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not there. It’s up to you to make them like you more, buy you more, trust you more and it should define why you’re unique.


Before you start thinking about a 'brand' its important to prepare and focus on what your business is about. Try a;

1.    Vision statement – it’s important to distil the essence of your company in a vison statement. A statement of what you want to beseen as or do (‘Put a PC on every desk’).

2.    Mission statement – A mission statement is what you will do. We will build PCs that people want seen on their desks by designing stylish, functionally rich and easy to use systems which offer value for money. Or perhaps a short more generic customer focussed one; “To deliver consistent, appropriate and fair services to our customers in an efficient user-friendly way.

3.    Brand essence – what you want the consumers to feel about your company or indeed you! Remember design by committee rarely works as this is about you and you know yourself and your business better than anyone else – express yourself.

Their BIG message
; make sure you have a plan, some clear messaging and some identified ways of measuring performance – these could be web analytics, sales enquiries, user registration increased followers on social media etc.

Once you've got the Brand, style and voice for your business, I thought perhaps some Marketing Messaging to test it out might look something like this - Objective: Launch a Business Software Line.


To Whom




Business Software

New and established small businesses


Social Media.

Print media

Digital advert and tag lines

Print advert

Video - customer based

Within 48hrs of ‘go live’.

Review Key Indicators weekly.

CCCMP Message – Clear, Concise, Contrasting, Memorable, Persuasive

Starting or running a small business?

Mine clearance engineer or plumber? As ex-military, we found ourstart-up needed a better understanding of the market, competition and the opportunities in your area. So, we decided to help you! 

Our easy to use software makes planning, starting and running your business easier - all you need to get going! 

equals business analytics provides feature rich and low-cost support to your business – military precision providing Top Tier support for you

Don't forget:

 Advert: What design, branding coherence, duration, launch date, cost. 

 KPIs – Web services: referrals, direct access, quotes, sales and questions.


Oh, and did I mention that meeting Tanmay Bakshi made my week?

30 cms, 30+ years and 100 IQ points between us!


Thanks NatWest ;-), it is fantastic to be surrounded by so many talented people starting their own businesses.

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