Visioning - outside the box

Yes, it’s a box! a NatWest box that just appeared in the London Hub one day so that we could think outside it! 

It may look as if we are approaching some of the key topics in reverse; last leadership, now ‘Visioning’ and next ‘innovation’ but actually it works quite well. Why? Because the group of entrepreneurs have been so busy that a time to revisit and reflect is worthwhile.


Visioning – or how to awaken the dormant entrepreneur. A presentation actually having a box to think outside!

Sean dealt with the complex topic of how you identify and communicate the essence of your idea, vision and purpose. 


He brought together skills from dance and finance to bear with some animated presentational and facilitation skills.

One of the great things about the hub is that you are working in groups of people all keen to succeed and not scoring points off each other - like perhaps 'working together'! 

We had to come up with a purpose/vision – like 'A PC on every desk' (IBM) or, 'Do no harm' (Google) or ‘A Force for Good’ (Ministry of Defence) etc.

Working through a group activity is a good challenging system and here, below, is the visioning challenge:


Therefore, there were about 7 teams doing this exercise and we shared the outcomes.

Our vision:

In two years we will have a successful financial services business which is recognised by its customers, competitors and the sector for improving the financial wellbeing of its customers. It will be an award winning customer focused business leading in service and community support.

How do you achieve your vision?

Is it all about pulling together? Not really it is about setting the correct conditions for the team to share the objective and then, only then, for themall to pull together. 

People use the analogy of the rowing crew pulling together but, if you think about it they can’t see where they’re going and trust in a single crew member for directions like ‘pull’ and who alone can make or lose the objective by taking the wrong line. 

Really, it’s more about looking forward and moving forward together with a shared purpose even if you are not directly engaged in the ‘action’ at the time – think rugby team with a scrum offensive. 

The crew need the coordination and sense of purpose to pull together and share the objective – winning but.. each individual cannot achieve the objective alone and someone is in charge of the ’play’.

How, ‘knowing more about ballet than banking’ proves to be great guidance about sector diversity on skills when teaching ‘purpose and vision’; it’s about personal skills, focus and mindset not about sector or product.

Just a quick reminder of the #PowerUp mindset at the end of Sean's presentation.


You can follow Sean on twitter - @SeanMcGovernRBS

Thanks NatWest ;-), it is fantastic to be surrounded by so many talented people starting their own businesses.

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