Services Family Ltd Launches its new regulated investor platform using the Envestry™ platform from Envestors®

The Services Family Ltd (TSFL) has teamed up with Envestors to launch a dedicated investment platform. TSFL will trade as equals™ under the supervison of Ambant Underwriting Services while developing its unique Financial Technology (FinTech) platform to help inform credit and insurance risk decisions. Envestry™ is a regulated peer-to-peer online platform on which TSFL will raise additional funding for operationalization and growth as a FCA regulated insurance and credit intermediary.

Envestors® have put TSFL through a rigorous screening process and the platform provides investors access to due diligence documentation for review. TSFL’s Envestry™ platform allows simple and secure engagement with the company and users to receive updates and reports.  For TSFL, the platform provides access to a network of private investors and family offices who are looking to invest alongside the current Enterprise Investment Scheme shareholders.


TSFL sees a strong opportunity in delivering better financial services to its prospective customer base.  The advent of Open Banking, the new Payments Services Directive (PSD2), see our blog, and the capability of disruptive technologies meant that full banking or insurance underwriting permissions are no longer needed to offer most of the services TSFL’s customers expect.

TSFL, which will open its 'doors' this Autumn,  has determined a staged launch strategy to roll out an increasingly wide range of services and products. TSFL will be well positioned to serve its customers through proven distribution chains and exploit new opportunities.

For further information please contact: 

Services Family Ltd

Mike Jenkins 


About Envestors® and Envestry™:

Envestors® an FCA regulated corporate finance adviser in the UK and manages a network of 3,000 sophisticated investor Members. Envestors® has developed Envestry™ which is a regulated funding platform and through which some 800 deals have been completed with £110m+ raised for over 250 companies.


Thanks NatWest ;-), it is fantastic to be surrounded by so many talented people starting their own businesses.

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