Mortgage DNA

Probably, the biggest financial decision and commitment we ever make is our mortgage: it's a big deal in so many ways. It provides a roof over our heads, protection for our family and gives us a place to come home to.

You're not a clone so, your mortgage should be right for your DNA and not just the same as your neighbour's - your mortgage should have a DNA of its own.

Mortgages used to be for 'life' but now we change them on average 9 times in our ‘home owning lives’. Why? because mortgage products don’t fit our needs well and aren’t adaptable to the changes in our lives - wrong DNA.

Most of us want a stable home - especially after a life of high mobility or when our kids are moving school again. Some of your biggest life changes coincide; like leaving, moving out of quarters or looking for a new career. Unfortunately, this is when you are the least attractive to the normal processes for an off-the-shelf mortgage.

The key factor for any loan is the ability to pay it back - affordability. Mortgage assessments are all about the 'here and now' and rarely factor in future events no matter how assured and positive they may be. One problem is that most Home Lenders use automatic ‘decision trees’ and checklists to decide if you are the same as your neighbour, they commoditise us into groups and then assume risk profiles. Your needs and those of your family are not necessarily those of the group. Unfortunately, if you don't fit into a low risk group then you its easier to reject you than find a solution.

Do you want to build a mortgage relationship with a bank that thinks you are the same as everyone else? Do you want the agility to adapt a mortgage so that it grows with you?

At Services Family, we think that by working with you we should be able to build better home buying solution for you. Our DNA understands your DNA, not everyone will need a personable and personal approach but, for those of the Services Family that do, we want to be your first port-of-call.

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