Doing the right thing?

According to the UK National Centre for Social Research, British Social Attitudes Study, 2012;

·       83% of the public say they have a high or very high opinion of the Armed Forces and;

·       94% say they support members of the Armed Forces regardless of what they think about the Iraq and Afghanistan missions.

A new retail bank built on ‘military’ values will provide consumers with a real choice in banking ‘culture and behaviours’. Services with a familiar and comforting feel to those with links to, or respect for, military and public service. A safe, transparent and trustworthy bank that sets its top priority as doing the right thing for its customers, doing it the right way and doing it for the right reasons.

One thing the period of austerity has highlighted is the plight of those less fortunate in our country, including veterans. We recognise this important minority that fall into the category of low income and/or financially under-served citizens. Over the past years, Government studies have looked at the issues of those who live on the streets, in the cash-only society and those who find it hard to access ‘the system’. The Social Exclusion Unit’s 1998 report and Treasury’s PAT 14 report have made recommendations on managing financial exclusion. We want to help address aspects of those reports.

We know that the needs of the banking customer haven’t changed greatly over the years but, technology has changed dramatically and with that how banking could be delivered.

Did you know that 66% of the financially underserved and excluded in Europe have access to a standard mobile phone (MasterCard Report, The Road To Inclusion, September 2013).

As our Bank grows, we will provide financial services, education and guidance to help people understand how to make the most of their money, as well as sponsoring social impact projects. Rather than static branch banking, our digital and mobile services will provide a one-stop-shop for all our customers, military or civilian. Through leading ‘smartphone’, digital and other mobile technologies, we will have the agility to keep up with innovation in consumer focussed delivery in this digital age.