Disruptive Innovation

As has always been the case the Military learns from its encounters and seeks to then adopt, adapt and improve its strategy and actions in preparation for its next engagement. 

Innovation by its very nature is about the adoption, adaption and improvement of systems and services.  Disruptive Innovation has always been one of the strongest drivers of change. Many shortcomings are only identified in times of crisis or stress and the learning process stimulates, or should stimulate, innovation and beneficial change.

World War 2 drove technical development for the subsequent 2 decades and brought us forward nearly 50 years in terms of innovation. We have moved from manual telephony and crystal wireless sets to adopting what were the dreams of science fiction - take for example the Star Trek personal communicators and the evolution of the mobile flip phone and further development to the smartphone. We explored space!

The Banking Crisis of 2008 & 2009 was a period of significant disruption, but what has your bank done to adopt what it has learnt, adapt what it does and improve its services?

The Services Family Bank is using this disruptive innovation to change the way you bank in the future and improve your next experience. Banking has become commoditised and many products have lost relevance whilst payments still lag technology - we’ll expand on this in the coming blogs.

We are adopting the innovations in technology and using them to adapt our bank to improve our engagement with you and the services we will offer. Many banks are adopting technology and pricing to acquire customers- you! But, post crisis, have the behaviours and culture of these banks really adapted to improve their services, transparency and value for money?

We read every day about about efforts to improve the public (customers) trust in banks and bankers, we want to make a bank that’s clearly trustworthy run by people you trust.

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