Digital usage

78% of mobile users won’t leave home without their mobile device (according to a Google survey on internet usage). The infiltration of digital capabilities into banking has been gaining pace since it started in c.1997, but are we approaching the Rubicon?

7 million internet banking log-ins a day

£6.4 billion a week internet and mobile banking transactions (up from £5.8 billion last year)

£6.1 million spending a week contactless cards

14.7 million app downloads – 15,000 per day in 2014 and rising

(Data points from  'It’s in Your Hands', EY and BBA study on banking.)

Most people use digital access to check balances, and eMobile to check prices on the move.  Despite the growth in available technologies, mobile purchasing behaviour is still relatively immature - while 70% of people in UK use the Internet at home to purchase financial products, only 20% currently use eMobile solutions.

Innovation versus familiarity, trust and security…we’ll be looking at all of these in later posts.  Thanks for reading, yours aye….

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