The Services Family Ltd

Building better financial services for the 'Services Family'

What are we all about?

  • People admire the straightforward, straight-talking way the UK’s Armed Forces get things done. We want to bring the same transparent, can-do attitude to the world of banking.
  • Inspired by the innovation of the 'smartphone generation', we intend to start a digital bank to support all those men and women who devote themselves to, or prize, or champion public service.
  • Socially responsible and drawing on military principles and behaviours, we will be open to all those who share the values of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces, not just the military but also the general public.
  • Keeping banking simple and listening to our customers, we intend to provide products and services to best meet their needs.
  • We will combine quick and easy access with the help customers want to get the most out of their money.
  • We will devise and support social impact projects to help the Services Family and our wider supporters.

We want to put a 'face' to digital banking and listen to the UK banking customers.

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